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About Potaka IT 

Potaka IT has gained the confidence and reputation of tens of millions by offering industry-leading after-sale service, smart advocacy, and unbeatable prices in the market. We have traded as “Potaka IT” under License Number: TRAD/DSCC/063468/2020. BIN Number: 004739036-0201.Potaka IT has many partnership affiliations with world-renowned tech brands like A4Tech, Acer, Adata, AITC, AMD, ANACOMDA, Samsung, Sapphire, TP-Link, Antec, AOC, Apacer, Apollo, Apple, Aptech, Asrock, Asus, BenQ, Biostar, Brother, Canon, MSI, and others. This ensures the fantastic and authenticity of merchandise and offerings furnished to the customer. Potaka IT offers categories ranging from televisions, air conditioners, home appliances, gadgets, cameras, clever devices, monitors, and accessories with exceptional prices in Bangladesh. 

Services Being Provided

We are presenting our customers with fantastic quality products at the most sensible prices. We have different types of merchandise that our clients can choose from. The products vary from PC Component, Desktop PCs, Laptops, Gaming, UPS, Tablet PCs, Graphics Tablets, Monitors, Office Equipment, Cameras, Security Cameras, and many different products. Each of our products is checked and reviewed before it is sold to our loyal customers. You are our driving pressure to improve ourselves in all elements of the service-providing sector. We attempt to become a perfectionist company that offers everything, word for word.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been in the market for a lengthy time, and we have come to be aware of what the clients want and desire. We have made adjustments to our clients so that we will be able to fulfill the needs of each of our customers. We want to improve even more so that we can provide everyone with their desired or desired products. We are imparting on-line shopping possibilities for our customers, presenting delivery carriers for all of our products all over Bangladesh. We give the fine after selling consumer provider to our clients to show them that we care about their possessions and provide excellent solutions to their problems.

Best E-commerce Shop in Bangladesh

Potaka IT Technology has continually prioritized its clients and has launched e-commerce retail outlets in addition to physical shops to ensure better patron service. Potaka IT Technology's intention is to meet the wants of more clients in the shortest viable time. Our internet site has a complete search alternative to locate the preferred product.

Our site has a special PC maker so you can create a customized PC, and we have superior safety gear with your favored components. We prepare many promotional campaigns for a number of events and on an everyday basis. Potaka IT Technology also has unique day offers, year-end offers, and many more extraordinary offers. Stay with Potaka IT Technology to meet your officer's everyday needs.