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MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 850W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply
Save: 1500৳
MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 850W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power SupplyThe MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 850W is a powerhouse PSU designed for gamers and professionals who demand unwavering performance and cutting-edge features. This 850W 80 Plus Gold certified unit is built to handle even the most power-hungry systems, including those with multi-GPU configurations.Unleash the Beast:850W Power Delivery: Provides ample power for high-end gaming PCs and demanding workstations.Future-Proof Design: Native PCIe 5.0 connector and ATX 3.0 compatibility ensure seamless integration with the latest graphics cards and motherboards.Perfect for NVIDIA RTX 40 Series: Delivers the power needed to fuel next-generation graphics cards without breaking a sweat.Silent Efficiency:80 Plus Gold Certified: Offers up to 90% efficiency under typical loads, resulting in lower heat generation, quieter operation, and reduced energy bills.120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan: Strikes a perfect balance between noise reduction and cooling performance, keeping your system running cool and quiet.Clean and Organized Build:Fully Modular Design: Use only the cables you need, minimizing clutter and improving airflow within your case. Flat cables further enhance airflow management.Unmatched Reliability and Protection:Comprehensive Safeguards: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), and Under Voltage Protection (UVP) ensure the safety and longevity of your PSU and other components.LLC Full Bridge Topology & DC-DC Module Design: Deliver exceptional power stability and efficiency across various load conditions.Built to Last:High-Quality Components: Engineered with top-tier materials to guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability...
14,400৳ 15,900৳
Ex Tax:14,400৳
MSI MAG A750BN PCIE5 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply
Save: 1000৳
MSI MAG A750BN PCIE5 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Non-Modular Power SupplyThe MSI MAG A750BN PCIE5 750W power supply unit (PSU) is designed for low- to medium-powered PC builds. Here's a breakdown of its key features to help you decide if it's the right choice for you:Power Capacity:750W: Provides ample power for a variety of configurations, including gaming PCs with mid-range graphics cards.Compatibility:PCIe 5.0 Ready: Includes a dedicated PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR connector, future-proofing your system for next-generation NVIDIA 40-series graphics cards (except RTX 4070 Ti SUPRIM X 12G).Single +12V Rail: Offers stable power delivery for your components.Connectivity:Non-Modular Design: Cables are pre-attached to the PSU, offering a simpler installation but less cable management flexibility.Multiple Connectors: Includes standard 24-pin ATX, EPS 4+4 pin for the CPU, two PCIe 6+2 pin for graphics cards, five SATA for storage drives, two MOLEX for legacy components, and one FDD for floppy drives (rarely used nowadays).Efficiency:80 PLUS Bronze Certified: Guarantees up to 85% efficiency at half load and 82% at full load, translating to lower power consumption and electricity bills.Additional Features:Active PFC (Power Factor Correction): Improves efficiency and provides a stable power supply for your components.DC-to-DC Circuit Design: Ensures stable voltage output for better system performance.Protections: Built-in safeguards like OCP (over-current protection), OPP (over-power protection), OTP (over-temperature protection), OVP (over-voltage protection), and SCP (short-circuit protection) shield your system from electrical damage.Thermal Performance: Engineered for reliability with a single 120mm cooling fan that keeps the unit cool and minimizes noise generation.MSI MAG A750BN PCIE5 750W is a good option for budget-minded builders creating low- to medium-powered gaming PCs or workstations. It offers sufficient power, future-proofing with a PCIe 5.0 connector, and basic safety features. However, if you prefer a modular design for easier cable management or require higher power for a high-end gaming PC, you might consider other options...
8,500৳ 9,500৳
Ex Tax:8,500৳
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MSI MAG A850GL PCIE5 850W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Power Supply 14,400৳
MSI MAG A750BN PCIE5 750W 80 PLUS Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply 8,500৳

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