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GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming ChairGIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair - the perfect solution for serious gamers. Featuring a CLASS 4 certified gas lift, adjustable armrests and a 2D adjustable backrest for ultimate comfort and convenience, this chair is designed for hours of uninterrupted and ergonomic gaming. Plus, it looks great with its black and orange colors, so your gaming setup will always look stylish. The chair itself boasts impressive dimensions, with the package measuring 730mm in width, 1385mm in height and 785mm in depth. It is a lightweight chair, with a net weight of only 20.4kg, making it easy to move around for your convenience. It comes with a headrest and is also height-adjustable, giving you full range of possibilities to find the best angle for comfortable gaming. The seating area is spacious and adjustable, with a seat height of 515 to 585mm and a seat width of 610mm, so even if you are a bigger person, you won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable. Tilt lock allows you to quickly adjust the chair without the hassle of unclipping and reclipping the lock. The materials used on the GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair are of premium quality. It is equipped with wear green PU skin, as well as high-density flexible foam and a steel internal architecture for maximum reinforcement. The armrests are PP soft for comfort and the feet are made from steel for maximum stability. The chair is made to withstand up to 150KG in load, making it highly durable and suitable for serious gamers in need of a chair that won’t let them down! Unfortunately, the GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair does not come with a warranty. For gamers in search of an ergonomic, comfortable and stylish chair for their gaming setup, the GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair is a great choice.Features:The GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair features a range of features that are designed to provide comfort and support during long gaming sessions. Some of these features include:Durable steel frame: The chair is built with a durable steel frame that provides a sturdy foundation for the chair.Adjustable armrests: The armrests of the chair can be adjusted to suit the user's preferences.Reclining backrest: The backrest of the chair can be reclined to a comfortable position, providing additional support for the lower back.Built-in lumbar support cushion: The chair features a built-in lumbar support cushion that helps to reduce strain on the lower back.Headrest pillow: The chair comes with a headrest pillow for additional neck support.Footrest: The chair comes with a footrest for additional comfort.Unique design: The chair has a unique design that incorporates AORUS branding and RGB lighting, which can be customized to match the color scheme of your gaming setup.PU leather & High density foam cushioning: The chair is made of PU leather with a high density foam cushioning for comfort and durability.Height adjustment feature: The chair has a height adjustment feature, allowing users to adjust the height of the chair to their preference.Weight limit of 150KG: The chair can hold weight up to 150KG.Overall, the GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair is a high-end gaming chair that is designed to provide comfort, support and style for gamers...
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GIGABYTE AORUS AGC310 Gaming Chair 25,000৳

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