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Fantech AC902s Flexible Microphone Boom Arm Stand
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Fantech AC902s Flexible Microphone Boom Arm StandIt's a versatile accessory designed to enhance your microphone positioning for optimal recording or streaming setups. Here's a breakdown of its features:Fantech AC902s Flexible Microphone Boom Arm StandFlexible Gooseneck Design: Offers a wide range of motion (270-degree tilt and 360-degree swivel) for precise microphone placement within your reach.Durable Steel Construction: Provides a sturdy and stable platform for your microphone, ensuring it stays secure during recordings.Universal Compatibility: Features a standard 3/8" male screw thread, making it compatible with most microphones and shock mounts.Internal Cable Management: Keeps your cables organized and reduces clutter on your desk.C-Clamp Mount: Attaches securely to your desk or table, saving space and providing a stable base.Max Weight Capacity of 2kg: Accommodates a variety of microphone weights, including heavier condenser microphones.FAQ:Will this boom arm work with my microphone?The AC902s uses a standard 3/8" screw thread, so it should be compatible with most microphones. If your microphone uses a different thread size, you might need an adapter.How much desk space does the boom arm take up?The C-clamp mount attaches to the edge of your desk or table. The boom arm itself extends outwards, so the amount of space it occupies depends on how you position it.Can I mount the boom arm on a wall?While not its intended design, some users may find aftermarket wall mount adapters for the C-clamp. However, this setup might not be as secure as using the C-clamp on a desk.Relevant Products:Rode PSA1 [Rode PSA1 microphone boom arm] (Popular studio microphone boom arm with similar features)Blue Compass [Blue Compass microphone boom arm] (Compact boom arm with built-in shock mount)Gator Frameworks Flexible Microphone Arm [Gator Frameworks Flexible Microphone Arm] (Another budget-friendly option with a flexible gooseneck design)..
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