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Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor

Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor
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Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor

Key Features

  • Clock Speed: 3.4 GHz GHz up to 5.6 GHz
  • CPU Cores: 20, CPU Threads: 28
  • Cache: 33 MB, Socket: LGA1700
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  • Price: 52,500৳
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  • Brand: Intel
  • Model: i7-14700K
  • SKU: 485117
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Key Features
Base Clock 100 MHz
Frequency 3.4 GHz
TDP 125 W
Key Information
Maximum Turbo Frequency 5.6 GHz
Cache Cache L1: 80K (per core)
Cache L2: 2MB (per core)
Cache L3: 33MB (shared)
Cores 20
Threads 28
Main Features
Chipset Intel 600 Series
Intel 700 Series
Sockets LGA1700
Scan Features
Speed DDR4 Speed: 3200 MT/s
DDR5 Speed: 6000 MT/s
Graphics Specifications
Graphics Integrated Graphics: UHD Graphics 770
Memory Specifications
Supported Memory DDR4, DDR5
Warranty Information
Warranty 3 Years

Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor Price in BD

Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor is Now available at the best price in BD. If you are looking for an Intel Processor at a low price in Bangladesh then Potaka IT is here to assist. Feel free to contact us for the Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor Discount price in BD. 

The Intel Core i7-14700K, which is expected to launch in the future, appears to be a high-performance desktop processor with several noteworthy features. Here's a summary of its key specifications:

Architecture: The Core i7-14700K is based on the Raptor Lake Refresh architecture and utilizes Socket 1700.

Cores and Threads: It features 20 physical cores and 28 threads thanks to Intel Hyper-Threading technology, which significantly enhances multitasking and parallel processing capabilities.

Cache: The processor is equipped with 33MB of L3 cache, which aids in quick data access and improves overall system responsiveness.

Clock Speeds: The default base clock speed is 3.4 GHz, and it can boost up to 5.6 GHz depending on the workload. Dynamic frequency scaling helps balance performance and power efficiency.

Manufacturing Process: It's manufactured using a 10 nm production process, which offers better power efficiency and performance compared to older nodes.

Overclocking: The processor is unlocked, allowing users to freely adjust the multiplier for overclocking. This flexibility enables users to achieve higher clock speeds for increased performance.

TDP (Thermal Design Power): It has a TDP of 125W, indicating that it can generate a significant amount of heat under load. Effective cooling is essential to maintain optimal performance and stability.

Memory Support: The Core i7-14700K supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory with a dual-channel interface. ECC memory support is also available, ensuring data integrity for mission-critical applications.

PCI-Express Gen 5: It uses a PCI-Express Gen 5 connection for communication with other components in the system. This provides high-speed data transfer for graphics cards, storage devices, and other peripherals.

Integrated Graphics: The processor features integrated UHD Graphics 770, suitable for basic graphics tasks but not intended for gaming or high-end graphics applications.

Virtualization: Hardware virtualization is supported, which enhances virtual machine performance. IOMMU virtualization (PCI passthrough) is also available, allowing guest virtual machines to directly access host hardware.

Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX): The processor supports AVX and AVX2 instruction sets, which improve the performance of applications that require complex mathematical calculations.

AVX-512: Unlike some Intel processors, the Core i7-14700K does not support AVX-512, a more advanced set of instructions designed for specific workloads.ced set of instructions found in some Intel processors designed for specific workloads.

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What is the price of Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor in BD 2023?

The latest price of Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor in Bangladesh (BD) is 49,999৳ . You can buy the Intel Core i7-14700K 14th Gen Processor at best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & Offer.