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DIGITAL PARSONA U ARE U 4500 FINGER SCEANNERDigital Person U.are.U 4500 fingerprint Scanner is the latest instrument is more compact a fingerprint device, the surface of the hard steel material, appearance is extremely elegant, the output images up to 500dpi is a superior performance compared to the fingerprint input device, you can a wide range of applications in social security, public security, attendance, fingerprint encryption, embedded, and many other applications.URU4500 miniature fingerprint scanner that automatically reads the fingerprint image, and through USB interface to transfer digital fingerprint images to the computer requires authentication for notebook computers, desktop computer or other personal computing devices, it is the ideal accessory.DIGITAL PARSONA U ARE U 4500 Features:Small sizeExcellent image qualityEncrypted image dataRefused to subtle fingerprintsRefused to fake the imageSupport the fingerprint rotationRough fingerprint processingSupport dry, wet, or rough fingerprintsCompatible with all U.are.U applications and development tools to support Biokey Development ToolsSupport JAVA development toolsDriver support Windows98, Me, NT4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2000,2003,2008..
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Digital Persona Scanner