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Rapoo X1800S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
Save: 190৳
Rapoo X1800S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ComboThis Rapoo X1800S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo contains a full sized keyboard and optical mouse which is ready to transmit the proven 2.4 GHz standard. Rapoo X1800S offers a range of upto 10m while providing 360 degrees coverage. Additionally the design and the choice of materials that are used to protect the keyboard against splash or other physical damages lets you enjoy the refreshing beverage while you work without taking too much of a risk. The high-performance 1000 DPI optical sensor offers you smooth and accurate mouse-pointer control, while the symmetrical design allows for ambidextrous use.Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connectionComfortable keyboard with functional design1000 DPI optical mouse Up to 12 months battery life..
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Rapoo X130 PRO Wired Keyboard And Mouse Combo
Save: 340৳
Rapoo X130 PRO Wired Keyboard And Mouse ComboThe Rapoo X130 PRO Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo stand out as a reliable and versatile solution for everyday computing needs. Boasting a USB interface, this combo effortlessly connects to laptops or personal computers, making it a convenient addition to any workspace. The plug-and-play functionality ensures a hassle-free setup without the need for additional drivers or software installation.The keyboard, following a conventional 104-key Windows layout, caters to a wide range of applications, whether it's typing documents, engaging in gaming sessions, or multimedia activities. Its spill-resistant design adds a layer of durability, safeguarding against potential damage from accidental liquid spills and contributing to a comfortable and consistent typing experience.The mouse, employing optical sensor technology, delivers precise pointer movement on various surfaces, ensuring a smooth user experience. With three buttons, including left and right buttons and a scroll wheel for vertical scrolling, the mouse provides versatility for both work and leisure. The adjustable resolution of 1600 DPI allows users to tailor the mouse's sensitivity to their preferences, making it suitable for accurate and flexible gaming and computing tasks.The 1.5m cable length provides flexibility in positioning the keyboard and mouse according to user preferences, adding to the convenience of this combo. The robust construction of the devices is built to withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring a lasting quality that aligns with the demands of daily use...
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Rapoo K800 Wireless Compact Keyboard
Save: 225৳
Rapoo K800 Wireless Compact KeyboardRapoo K800 wireless compact keyboard is featured with 2.4G Wireless Connectivity. This K800 is a Low-Profile Compact Wireless Keyboard. Rapoo K800 has a USB Dongle for easy and fast connectivity. This wireless keyboard has a very easy Setup. This K800 Keyboard is essentially Plug and Play where no additional work is needed. No External software or device is required to use this wireless keyboard from Rapoo. You can just connect the wireless mini keyboard's dongle to USB port and start typing. It also comes with Fast responding switch for the internet,email or multimedia. This switches ensures high efficiency work and carefree entertainment. the keyboard has a ergonomic design. The retractable stands provide two different typing experiences, relieving hands fatigue. K800 is a Silent Keyboards. The Low-profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing. this makes it suitable for using in quiet places like libraries and classrooms. This wireless keyboard has durable and long battery life. The Keycaps can last up to 10,000,000 keystrokes. You will get longer battery life with the included battery in this small keyboard. Since Rapoo has always been addicted to developing and producing qualified products. This keyboard is compatible with most computer and basic keyboard functionality. Rapoo K800 2.4G Wireless Low-Profile Compact Keyboard offers 2 years of warranty.Easy Setup: Plug and go. No software or device needed, connect the wireless mini keyboard's dongle to USB port and start typing. Fast switch among the internet/email/multimedia/, high efficiency work and carefree entertainment.Ergonomic design: Retractable stands provide two different typing experiences, relieving hands fatigue.Silent Keyboards: Low-profile keys offer quiet and comfortable typing. Suitable for using in quiet places like libraries and classrooms.Durable & Long Battery Life: Keycaps can last up to 10,000,000 keystrokes. Also, enjoy long battery life with the included battery in this small keyboard.( battery is packed in the keyboard, please remove the battery wrapper before use)Stylish and Qualified: Rapoo has always been addicted to developing and producing qualified products. This keyboard is compatible with most computer and basic keyboard functionality...
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Rapoo 8000S Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo
Save: 120৳
Rapoo 8000S Wireless Keyboard Mouse ComboThis Rapoo 8000S Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo is featured with responsive and smooth cursor control and it has 1000 DPI high-definition invisible tracking engine. Spill-resistant keyboard design, so you do not have to worry about the keyboard malfunctioning after accidental spills. With Rapoo's latest energy saving technology, you can use your keyboard without power interruption for up to 12 months. Bright and trendy colors to make your desk more flamboyant. This Rapoo 8000S comes with 02 years of warranty...
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Marvo Scorpion CM370 4-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit
Save: 450৳
Marvo Scorpion CM370 4-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit4-in-1 Gaming BundleKeyboard - rainbow back light with multimedia buttons and RED gaming key capsHeadset - pavilions with soft leather cushions and a fold down microphoneMouse - 7 reoccurring LED colours with 4 step sensitivity adjustmentMouse Pad - dense textile surface, offers a high level of control and precision in gamesBundle includes -Keyboard, Headset, Mouse and Mouse PadThe CM370 4-in-1 gaming starter kit is the most ideal choice for your gaming needs. Consisting of an incredible gaming headset, a stunningly accurate gaming mouse, a full 104 keyed gaming keyboard and finally a very unique looking gaming mouse pad. With all of this in one bundle there is no need to spend hours searching for the right product, when you have the perfect products all in one bundle. The best value for money gaming package out there!Mousepad Specs:Ideally suited for high sensitivity mouse settingsThe anti-sweating design prevents edge wrapingAnti-skid rubber baseSize: 287 x 244 x 3 mmKeyboard Specs:Key: 104Switch Type: MembraneSwitch rating: 8M ProcessBacklight: Mixed Colors (Rainbow)Interface: USB 2.0Cable Length: 1.4mSize: 431 x 131 x 30 mmMouse Specs:Sensor: OpticalDPI: Supports Up to 3200Button: 4Switch Rarting: 1M ClicksInterface: USB 2.0Cable Length: 1.5mOS Supports: Windows 7 or newerHeadset Specs:Sound: StereoFrequancy Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHzSpeaker Size: 40 mmMicrophone Type: OmnidirectionalMicrophone Size: 6 x 5 mmConnecors: 2 x 3.5 mm JackCable Length: 2.1 mSet includes: 1x gaming keyboard, 1x gaming mouse, 1x headset and 1x mouse pad Keyboard Specs: Keys: 104 Switch type: membrane Switch rating: 8 million presses Key route: 2.2 ± 0.5 mm Operating force: 70 ± 10 g Backlight: mixed colors (Rainbow) Interface: USB 2.0 Cable length: 1.4 m Size: 431 x 131 x 30 mm Mouse Specs: Sensor: Optical DPI: 800-1600-2400-3200 Buttons: 4 Switch rating: 1 million clicks Backlight: 7 colors Interface: USB 2.0 Cable length: 1.5 m Headset Specs: Sound: stereo Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz Speaker size: 40 mm Speaker sensitivity: 92 dB Speaker impedance: 32 Ω Microphone type: omnidirectional Microphone size: 6x5 mm Microphone sensitivity: -54 dB ± 2 dB Connectors: 2x 3.5 mm jack Cable length: 2.1 m Mousepad Specs: Ideally suited for high sensitivity mouse settings The anti-sweating design prevents edge warping Anti-skid rubber base Size: 287 x 244 x 3 mm..
2,550৳ 3,000৳
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iMICE KM-760 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Save: 200৳
iMICE KM-760 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse ComboThe iMICE KM-760 Keyboard Mouse Gaming Combo has a multicolor backlight. This iMICE KM-760 RGB gaming keyboard and mouse combo features plug-and-play technology that eliminates the need for a CD drive and makes it easy to install. It's so smooth, responsive, and functional ergonomic RGB mouse & keyboard. This iMICE KM-760 keyboard has a total of 104 keys. The receiver that plugging into any USB port, and you can roam up to 15m away with this RGB combo kit. It's a Multicolor Backlit keyboard. This set comes with a gaming mouse. This mouse has six buttons and a DPI of 1200/1800/2400/3200 settings. This combination of Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/10/11 system is supported.RGB backlit Gaming KeyboardThis iMICE KM-760 RGB Gaming Keyboard has 104 keys. The iMICE keyboard switches have anti-ghosting technology and Eight Backlight effects with Eight colors, with High-Precision Gamin Sensor. This Gaming Keyboard has a 50,000,000 key lifetime. You can choose your favorite exact favorite colors and program them to appear on certain keys or in special sequences through RGB keyboard software. Even you can link your KM-760 keyboard lighting effects and you can link game events or the real-time performance of your PC. Gaming RGB Keyboard is excellently low latency making it a great experience for Gaming.  The opening voltage is 5V and the opening current is 200mA. A very roomy wrist rest that is simple to disassemble can provide you with building your keyboard.4 Botton RGB Gaming MouseAn iMICE KM-760 RGB Gaming Mouse benefits from Customizable buttons and these buttons are used to copy, cut, paste, remove, and other executive common in-game actions. The KM-760 gaming mouse is designed to be used for numerous hours at a time improving your gaming sessions. Have a few benefits of using a gaming mouse: Durability, improved performance, ergonomics, and Comfortability. Gaming iMICE mouse is specially designed to fit human hands far better than conventional to their ergonomic nature. A High DPI Gaming Mouse is excellently low latency making it a great experience for Gaming. The mouse features a skin-friendly surface and 6 DPI settings that range from 1200/ 1800 / 2400/ 3200 DPI. It can be swiftly changed to match the mouse speed for different gaming scenarios. The DPI switch flashes the following indications with a circular and colorful breathing light effect...
1,200৳ 1,400৳
Ex Tax:1,200৳
iMICE KM-680 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Save: 270৳
iMICE KM-680 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse ComboComfortable Keycap design, not easy to feel tiredColorful back light, so stylish and one key to turn on/offWaterproof keycap design, more safetyNarrow edge design, saving place Mouse Kit Material: ABS SupportOperating System for Windows xp/ for Vista/ for Win7/8/10 forMac OS X Resolution800/1200/1600DPIMouse Size: 12.5 cm x 7.3 cm x 4cm/ 4.92" x 2.87" x 1.57"Keyboard Size: 44.2 cm x 13.3 cm x 3cm/ 17.40" x 5.24" x 1.18" ..
1,230৳ 1,500৳
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Save: 201৳
IMICE GK-470 RGB BACKLIGHT 4 IN 1 GAMING COMBO• Double click 7D gaming mouse• 800-1200-1600-2400 DPI adjustable• Plug and play• Built-in weighted iron block for more stable operation• Keyboard Features:• 104 keys standard layout• RGB luminous lighting effect one click turn on/off• Waterproof keycap adjustable• 2 luminous mode• Headset Features:• With microphone function• Adjustable head beam• Cool LED lighting effect• Comfortable soundproof earmuffs• Clear voice quality•FEATURES:• High-performance keyboard + backlight• 4 in 1 gaming pack ideal for all gamers who want equipment• 105-key gamer keyboard with 6 anti-ghosting keys to avoidconflicts and unwanted actions.• Very good typing quality: responsive, precise, and fast.• Multicolored fixed backlighting with the possibility to changethe brightness.• Wired USB gaming mouse with high precision and moreresponsive optical sensor, excellent for all types of gaming.• Backlit gaming headset with high audio quality, precise andcrystal clear sound..
2,199৳ 2,400৳
Ex Tax:2,199৳
Asus U2000 Keyboard & Mouse Wired ComboASUS U2000 keyboard + mouse set is designed for home and office environments. It features comfortable and silent input elements, the keyboard also built-in multimedia hot keys for convenient and instant adjustment in audio volume and energy saving sleep mode. The mouse with ergonomic design and high speed 1000 dpi enhanced tracking. The elegant style and solid construction are suitable for your system.FeaturesElegant style, solid constructionComfortable, silent operation and built-in multimedia hot keysDriver-less plug and play..
Ex Tax:1,350৳
A4TECH FG1112 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo
Save: 200৳
A4TECH FG1112 Wireless Keyboard Mouse ComboStable Connection: 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connection up to 10-15m. Plug & Play, One small Nano receiver connects both the mouse and keyboard to your computer. Just plug it into a USB port and you’re ready to go.Wider Scroll WheelWider scoll wheel provides fingerfit comfort for long time use.Up to 12 Months Battery LifeGo longer between battery changes with energy efficient engineering. Extreme quality offer over 12 months lifetime guaranteed.Consistent Wireless StabilityAdvanced 2.4 GHz powerful wireless connection with distance up to 10-15m.Auto Power SavingAuto 4-level power saving. It will be in sleep mode in 0.2s of inactivity.5M Clicks LifecycleExtreme quality offer over 5 million clicks guaranteed.8-in-One8 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands.Sleek Round-Square KeycapsSleek Round Square keycaps enhances your typing area for accurate typing.Multimedia Hot Keys AccessOne touch to access 12 multimedia & internet functions with FN+ F1 to F12.Laser Inscribed KeysEnsure you will never loose key identity.Drain Holes DesignThe drain holes are designed to prevent the keyboard from liquid spill off.High-Elasticity SiliconHigh-elasticity silicon membrane for fresh and comfort typing experience.Compact SizeThe keyboard is a great space saver on your desktop...
1,500৳ 1,700৳
Ex Tax:1,500৳
IMICE KM-900 Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo - Black
Save: 150৳
iMICE AN-300 Backlight Waterproof 104Keys Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse ComboIMICE KM-900 Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo - Black - Brand New! IMICE Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard, Gaming Mouse.Keyboard SpecificationKeyboard type Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical KeyboardKeyboard Features  Mechanical, GamingKeyboard Backlit Multicolor BacklitNumber of keyboard keys (pcs)  104Mouse SpecificationMouse type Gaming MouseMouse DPI (dpi) 2400Mouse size (mm) 121mm-130mmNumber of mouse keys (pcs) 6..
1,350৳ 1,500৳
Ex Tax:1,350৳
Save: 200৳
IMICE GK-480 RGB BACKLIGHT 4 IN 1 GAMING KIT COMBODouble click 7D gaming mouse800-1200-1600-2400 DPI adjustablePlug and playBuilt-in weighted iron block for more stable operation104 keys standard layoutRGB luminous lighting effect one click turn on/offWaterproof keycap adjustable2 luminous modeWith microphone functionAdjustable head beamCool LED lighting effectComfortable soundproof earmuffsClear voice qualityGaming mouse Ergonomic design Resolution: up to 2400 DPI Image processing: 4000 fps Information return speed: 125Hz / s Connectivity; USB Cable length: 1.5m Supports: XP / Win7 / 8/10 / Mac OS X LED backlight Highly sensitive sensor Strong enameled cable. RGB Gaming Keyboard Size: L448XW153XH48cm Weight: 630g Connectivity: USB cable 104 keys Voltage: DC 5V Current: 100mA Cable length: 1.35m Supports: XP / Win7 / 8/10 / Mac OS X.Gaming headphones with microphone Adjustable size LED light effect Weight: 210g Connection: USB cable Voltage: DC 5V Current: 100mA Cable length: 1.8m..
2,500৳ 2,700৳
Ex Tax:2,500৳
IMICE GK-490 4-In-1 Gaming Combo Kit
Save: 350৳
IMICE GK-490 4-In-1 Gaming Combo KitThe IMICE GK-490 gaming combo kit comes with mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad. This gaming combo includes A 6D Gaming Mouse with Professional Gamer's Ergonomic Design. The Mouse Has A DPI Range Of 800-1200-1600-2400. It Has A Weighted Iron Block Built-In For More Steady Functioning. This Mouse Can Be Used On Both Laptops And Desktop Computers. Plug And Play With The Majority Of OS Systems.104 Keys Gaming KeyboardThe IMICE GK-490 COMBO Is A Conventional Layout Keyboard With 104 Keys. This Mouse Has A One-Click On/Off Method For The Luminous Lighting Effect. It Boasts A Waterproof Keycap Design And A Metal Base For Maximum Control. This Keyboard Is Quite Comfortable To Type On And Does Not Cause Fatigue. Characters Carved Using A LaserCool LED Lights HeadsetThe IMICE GK-490 COMBO Is A Combination Of The IMICE GK-490 And The IMICE With A Built-In Microphone. It Has A Head Beam That May Be Adjusted. This Is The Effect Of Cool LED Lights. Its Soundproof Earmuffs Are Comfortable, And The Voice Quality Is Clear...
2,350৳ 2,700৳
Ex Tax:2,350৳
iMICE AN-300 Backlight Waterproof 104Keys Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Save: 100৳
iMICE AN-300 Backlight Waterproof 104Keys Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse ComboMaterial:metal+plasticKey number:104 keyThe product type:Luminous game keyboardInterface:USB plug and play Type: Wired Mouse Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel.Max DPI: 5500 DPI Ajustable DPI Switch: 1600-2400-3200-5500DPISwitch Life: 5 million cycleSystem support:Windows xp/Vista/Win7/8/10 Mac OS XColor:Black(Lighting:Green-Red-Purple+Blue)..
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Save: 200৳
MARVO CM306 3-IN-1 GAMING STARTER KIT COMBO Price in BDTransform your gaming experience with the unparalleled MARVO CM306 3-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit, now exclusively offered at Potaka IT. This meticulously curated bundle comprises a cutting-edge keyboard, a precision-engineered mouse, and a high-performance mousepad, all meticulously crafted to elevate your gaming prowess.The keyboard is equipped with a responsive membrane key type, ensuring lightning-fast and precise keystrokes, catering to both casual and competitive gamers alike. Boasting 107 keys, including a dedicated media key, you have absolute control over your gaming environment. Designed to endure rigorous gaming sessions, the keys are rated for up to 10 million presses, guaranteeing longevity. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning experience with the dynamic mixed-color (Rainbow) backlighting, creating an atmospheric gaming ambiance. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the keyboard seamlessly blends resilience with a sleek aesthetic.Included in this kit is a gaming mouse featuring adjustable DPI settings ranging from 1200 to 4800, allowing you to fine-tune sensitivity for various gaming scenarios. With 7 programmable buttons, tailor your controls to match your gaming style, gaining a competitive edge. The polling rate of up to 1000 Hz ensures minimal delay, relaying every move to the screen seamlessly. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, and with dimensions of 127 x 70 x 40 mm, it seamlessly integrates into your gaming setup. The included software support provides customization options to personalize your gaming experience further.Unleash your full gaming potential with the MARVO CM306 3-in-1 Gaming Starter Kit, available at an unbeatable combo price in Bangladesh. Secure your victory and elevate your gaming to unprecedented heights with this exceptional gaming kit. Grab yours now and embark on a gaming journey like never before!..
1,490৳ 1,690৳
Ex Tax:1,490৳
EKSA ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories
Save: 300৳
EKSA ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories RGB Mouse and USB Keyboard with 3.5mm Wired Headset and MousepadIntroducing the EKSA ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories, featuring a versatile combination of gaming peripherals designed to enhance your gaming experience. The ET100 Pro model includes an RGB mouse, a USB keyboard, a 3.5mm wired headset, and a mousepad, all meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance and comfort during extended gaming sessions.Product Features:RGB Mouse:** The included mouse boasts customizable RGB lighting, adjustable DPI settings, and ergonomic design for precise and comfortable control during gaming.USB Keyboard:** The USB keyboard offers a responsive and tactile typing experience, with customizable RGB backlighting to complement your gaming setup.3.5mm Wired Headset:** Immerse yourself in the game with the included wired headset, delivering high-quality audio and a comfortable fit for extended wear.Mousepad:** The bundle comes complete with a durable and smooth mousepad, providing a consistent surface for precise mouse tracking.Enhanced Gaming Experience:The ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories are meticulously designed to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience.The combination of the RGB mouse, USB keyboard, wired headset, and mousepad offers a comprehensive solution for all your gaming needs.Quality and Durability:Each component of the ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories is built with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance through countless gaming sessions.The high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship contribute to a reliable and robust gaming setup.Elevate your gaming experience with the EKSA ET100 Pro Essential Gaming Bundle Accessories, designed to meet the demands of both casual and competitive gamers. Whether you’re exploring vast virtual worlds or engaging in intense multiplayer battles, this gaming bundle provides the essential tools to enhance your gameplay and enjoyment...
2,400৳ 2,700৳
Ex Tax:2,400৳
Forev FV-Q809 4 in 1 Gaming Combo Pack
Save: 260৳
Forev FV-Q809 4 in 1 Gaming Combo PackThe Forev FV-Q809 4 in 1 Gaming Combo Pack appears to be a budget-friendly option for Bangladeshi gamers looking for a starter gaming peripheral set. Pros:All-in-one Kit: Includes a gaming headset, keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad, eliminating the need to purchase individual peripherals.Backlit Keyboard: Offers LED backlighting for a more visually appealing look, especially in low-light environments.Gaming Headset with Microphone: Allows for voice communication with teammates in online games.Potentially Affordable: This type of combo pack is often targeted as a budget-friendly entry point for new gamers...
1,990৳ 2,250৳
Ex Tax:1,990৳
Fantech P51 Power 5 In 1 Gaming Combo
Save: 350৳
Fantech P51 Power 5 in 1 Gaming Combo: Dominate the CompetitionThis comprehensive package offers everything you need to elevate your gaming experience. Here's a breakdown of the included peripherals:Fantech Shikari K515 Gaming Keyboard:Personalize Your Arena: Customizable RGB backlighting lets you create the perfect atmosphere for your gaming sessions.Dominate Every Keystroke: Responsive keys deliver precise control, ensuring you land those clutch victories.Comfort for Long Raids: Ergonomic design with adjustable height keeps you comfortable during marathon gaming sessions.Multitasking Made Easy: 104 keys with dedicated multimedia controls provide easy access to music and volume control without interrupting your gameplay.Never Miss a Command: Anti-ghosting technology guarantees all your keypresses register accurately, no matter how fast your fingers fly across the keyboard.Wired for Lightning-Fast Performance: Wired connection delivers a lag-free experience, keeping you in the thick of the action.Crypto VX7 Gaming Mouse:Tailored Precision: Adjustable DPI settings (800-1200-1600-2400) allow you to customize mouse sensitivity for different game genres, from strategic shooters to fast-paced RPGs.Ergonomic Grip for Comfort: Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for extended gameplay sessions, preventing hand fatigue even during intense battles.Unleash Powerful Macros: 6 programmable buttons let you set up in-game macros and shortcuts for faster actions, giving you an edge over your opponents.Built to Last: Boasts a 3 million click lifetime, ensuring the mouse can handle intense battles and countless hours of gaming.Flash HQ53 Gaming Headset:Immerse Yourself in the Game: Powerful 50mm drivers deliver rich, immersive audio, letting you hear every detail in the game, from footsteps sneaking up behind you to the roar of explosions.Crystal Clear Communication: Omnidirectional microphone ensures clear communication with your teammates during voice chat, allowing you to strategize and coordinate victories.Lightweight Comfort for Long Sessions: Lightweight design keeps you comfortable even during long gaming marathons, preventing neck strain and fatigue.Durable Construction for Competitive Play: Durable ABS plastic construction can withstand the wear and tear of competitive gaming, ensuring your headset lasts through countless battles.Stylish Accent Lighting: Red accent lighting adds a stylish touch to your gaming setup, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.Tower II AC304 Headset Stand:Keep Your Headset Organized and Protected: This stand keeps your favorite headset organized and displayed when not in use, preventing dust buildup and keeping it readily accessible for your next gaming session.Long-Lasting Durability: Constructed with high-quality ABS plastic for long-lasting durability, ensuring your headset stand remains a reliable part of your setup for years to come.Stays Put, Protects Your Desk: Rubberized base prevents slipping and protects your desk from scratches and scuffs, keeping your workspace clean and organized.Sleek Design Complements Your Setup: The sleek design complements your gaming setup with a touch of class, creating a visually appealing atmosphere.Universal Fit for Most Headsets: Compact footprint accommodates a wide range of headset sizes, ensuring compatibility with most popular gaming headsets.Vigil MP356 Gaming Mousepad:Enhanced Precision Tracking: Smooth and responsive surface provides enhanced precision for accurate mouse tracking, allowing you to make those critical headshots and execute perfect in-game maneuvers.Stays in Place During Intense Battles: Anti-slip base keeps the mousepad firmly in place during intense gameplay, preventing frustrating disruptions caused by the pad slipping mid-action.Ample Space for All Playstyles: Large size (350 x 300 x 4mm) offers ample space for all your mouse movements, no matter your playstyle, whether you prefer low-sensitivity sweeping motions or fast, precise clicks.Long-Lasting Performance: Durable edge stitching prevents fraying, ensuring your mousepad maintains its smooth surface and optimal performance for extended use.Sleek and Stylish Design: Thin profile adds a sleek touch to your desktop setup, creating a visually appealing atmosphere that complements your gaming rig.This all-in-one combo provides a perfect solution for gamers seeking a balance between performance, comfort, and aesthetics. Upgrade your setup and dominate the competition!..
3,500৳ 3,850৳
Ex Tax:3,500৳
Fantech P51 5 In 1 Gaming Combo - Hitam
Save: 500৳
The Fantech P51 5 in 1 Gaming Combo - Hitam is a bundle that includes several peripherals designed to enhance your gaming experience. Here's a breakdown of the components included in the combo:Fantech K511 Hunter PRO Backlit Gaming Keyboard:This is a membrane keyboard with a rainbow color backlight, 12 multimedia keys, and 19-key anti-ghosting. It has a total of 104 keys and is compatible with Windows Vista, Win7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux, and Chrome OS.Fantech HG17s Visage Stereo 3.5mm Gaming Headset:This headset features RGB lighting, 50mm speaker drivers, and an omnidirectional microphone. It has a frequency response of 20-20,000Hz and a relatively high sensitivity of 119dB.Fantech X9 THOR Macro RGB Gaming Mouse:This wired gaming mouse has an adjustable DPI range of up to 4800, a 10,000,000 click lifecycle, and a 125Hz polling rate. It also has RGB lighting.Fantech AC3001 Tower Headphone Stand:This is a simple headphone stand that helps you keep your headset organized when not in use.Fantech Sven MP35 Gaming Mouse Pad: This mousepad provides a smooth surface for your gaming mouse.The biggest advantage of getting a combo like this is that it can save you money compared to buying all the components separately. However, it's important to consider whether the individual components meet your needs and preferences. For example, some gamers may prefer a mechanical keyboard over a membrane keyboard, or they may want a mouse with a higher DPI range.Users have reported that the combo offers a good value for the price, especially in Bangladesh where the price is around 4,450৳ to 4,900৳. However, some users find the keyboard to be a bit cheap feeling.Overall, the Fantech P51 5 in 1 Gaming Combo - Hitam is a good option for budget-minded gamers who are looking for a basic set of gaming peripherals. However, if you are a more serious gamer, you may want to consider investing in higher-quality components...
4,900৳ 5,400৳
Ex Tax:4,900৳
Fantech P31 Keyboard, Mouse & Mousepad Combo
Save: 250৳
Fantech P31 Keyboard, Mouse & Mousepad ComboThe Fantech P31 Keyboard, Mouse & Mousepad Combo provides a starter kit for gamers on a budget. The keyboard features a classic full-sized layout (104 keys) with multimedia controls for convenient access to media playback and other functions. Utilized are membrane keys, which offer a quieter typing experience compared to mechanical keyboards. Anti-ghosting technology ensures your keystrokes register accurately during intense gaming sessions. The included mouse boasts a basic design with an adjustable DPI (dots per inch) for customizing cursor sensitivity. The DPI ranges from 200 to 8000, allowing you to tailor it for different gaming needs. The mouse also features six programmable buttons for added functionality. The accompanying mousepad offers a speed-type surface for smooth and responsive mouse movements during gameplay. The rubberized base keeps the mousepad securely in place.Features:Full-size keyboard (104 keys) with multimedia controls and anti-ghosting technologyWired mouse with adjustable DPI (200-8000) and 6 programmable buttonsSpeed-type mousepad with anti-slip rubberized baseFAQ:Does the keyboard have backlighting? No, the Fantech P31 keyboard does not have backlighting.Is it compatible with my computer? Yes, this combo is compatible with most computers using a wired USB connection.Is it good for competitive gaming? While functional, some features, like a lower maximum DPI and membrane keys, may not be ideal for competitive gamers who prefer faster response times and tactile feedback.Relevant Products:For a similar wired keyboard and mouse combo with a more modern aesthetic: Redragon K552 Wired Keyboard and Mouse ComboFor a wireless option: Fantech GO WK894 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ComboFor a mechanical keyboard option with similar features: Fantech MAXFIRE GK852 Mechanical Keyboard..
2,350৳ 2,600৳
Ex Tax:2,350৳
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