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Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth
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Corsair HS70 Gaming HeadphoneThe CORSAIR HS70 BLUETOOTH Gaming Headset delivers both comfort and quality with memory foam ear pads and custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers, built to last thanks to its lightweight and durable construction. Connect to Switch, PS4, Xbox, or PC with high-fidelity USB or 3.5mm for game audio while simultaneously connecting to your mobile device with Bluetooth for chat.Simultaneously connect to wired gaming audio on ps5, ps4, xbox series x, xbox series s, xbox one, nintendo switch, mac or pc via 3.5 mm cable and bluetooth audio on your mobile device, including voice chat apps, music, or phone calls.Connect with either high-fidelity 24bit/96khz usb wired, 3.5mm, or bluetooth wireless.High-quality, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers deliver superb sound quality with the range to heareverything you need on the battlefield.Adjustable ear cups fitted with plush memory foam provide exceptional comfort for hours of gameplay.A fully detachable, noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for excellent voice clarity.Get a complete switch audio experience with wireless chat from the switch mobile app along with wired game audio from the switch console.Compatible with windows sonic surround sound for immersive 360° audio that puts you right in the middle of the game.CHAT & GAME SIMULTANEOUSLYConnect to wired gaming audio on Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or PC and get Bluetooth audio on your mobile device, including voice chat apps, music, or phone calls at the same time. With 30 Hours of battery life you can play long into the night without needing to stop.ON-EAR VOLUME AND MUTE CONTROLSOn-ear volume and mute controls enable on-the-fly adjustments without distracting you from your game.CALL THE SHOTSA fully detachable uni-directional microphone reduces ambient noise, and is Discord Certified for crystal-clear communication and outstanding audio quality.50MM NEODYMIUM AUDIO DRIVERS GIVES SUPERB SOUND QUALITYHigh-quality, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers deliver the range to hear everything you need on the battlefield. Enable Windows Sonic on PC for an immersive 360° audio experience that puts you right in the middle of the game.BUILT FOR BATTLELightweight and durable aluminum construction gives the HS70 BLUETOOTH years of longevity...
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Ex Tax:8,500৳
Asus TUF Gaming H1 USB Type-C Wireless Headphone Price In BDThe Asus TUF Gaming H1 USB Type-C Wireless Headphones offer a liberating 2.4 GHz wireless connection, delivering an immersive audio experience enriched with deep bass response. Featuring 40 mm ASUS Essence drivers, an airtight chamber design, and virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, these headphones elevate the gaming audio experience. The Discord and TeamSpeak-certified microphone ensures crystal-clear voice communication, while the lightweight suspension headband prioritizes comfort during extended gaming sessions.Setting itself apart from conventional headsets, the TUF Gaming H1 Wireless utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a dual-antenna design for enhanced connectivity. The USB-C dongle connection provides lower latency and improved stability compared to Bluetooth headsets. With near-real-time audio transmission and an impressive coverage range of up to 25 meters, these headphones allow freedom of movement without sacrificing connectivity.Embodying iconic ASUS gaming headset features, such as airtight chambers and 40 mm ASUS Essence drivers, the TUF Gaming H1 Wireless headset ensures clearer audio with profound bass. The inclusion of virtual 7.1 surround sound technology enhances audio precision, providing a competitive edge in gaming. The unidirectional analog boom microphone, certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, guarantees optimal voice communication.Designed for comfort, the lightweight TUF Gaming H1 Wireless headset incorporates suspended headbands, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions. Offering comprehensive cross-platform support, including PCs, Macs, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and tablets, this headset eliminates the need for multiple devices. Additionally, it is compatible with Armoury Crate software. The Asus TUF Gaming H1 Wireless Gaming Headphones come with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind...
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AULA F608 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset
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Features:Type: Three-mode gaming headsetBattery capacity: 1 500mAhPlaying time: about 40 hoursCompatibility: mobile phone/tablet/computerFrequency Response: 20Hz~20KHZDriver Diameter: 50mmBluetooth: 5.0AULA F608 RGB Wireless Gaming HeadsetAULA F608 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the most popular Headset in Bangladesh for Gamers. This Headset is featured witjh Three-mode connection mode, support wireless/Bluetooth/wired connection, 28ms non-inductive delay, game audio and video synchronization. This headphone support Smart dual-mic HD noise reduction, Dual microphone active noise reduction, no longer noisy, Fully charged, about 40h long battery life. This headphone has Dynamic RGB lighting effects, cool lighting, brighten the atmosphere, Adjustable telescopic head beam for more comfort. This Aula F608 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset is Strongly compatible with suitable for mobile phones, tablets, laptops...
Ex Tax:4,500৳
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Latest Bluetooth Headphone Accessories Price List in BD 2024

View today Last Updated Prices of Bluetooth Headphone Accessories in Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/11/2024

Bluetooth Headphone Accessories List Price in BD
Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth 8,500৳

Bluetooth Headphone Price in BD 2024

Bluetooth headphones offer a liberating experience in the realm of music, freeing users from the hassle of wires and restrictions. Unlike their wired counterparts, Bluetooth headphones establish a seamless wireless connection, enabling individuals to indulge in their favorite tunes without the entanglement of cords. Renowned for their portability and convenience, Bluetooth headphones are highly sought-after for various activities such as hands-free calling, gaming, and on-the-go music enjoyment, whether it be during commutes or workout sessions. For those seeking the optimal blend of quality and affordability in Bangladesh, Potaka IT presents an extensive range of Bluetooth headphones from leading brands, ensuring a diverse selection to cater to every preference.

Types of Bluetooth Headphones are available in Bangladesh

  1. Earbud Bluetooth Headphones: These compact devices snugly fit inside the ear canal, effectively blocking out external noise. However, it's essential to select the appropriate size to ensure a secure fit and optimal performance.
  2. Neckband Bluetooth Headphones: Featuring a comfortable neckband design, these headphones offer added functionalities such as extended battery life and noise cancellation. They rest comfortably around the neck, providing convenient access to advanced features.
  3. Gaming Bluetooth Headphones: Designed with larger ear cups and an over-the-ear style, these headphones are ideal for gaming sessions. The padded design ensures comfort during extended gameplay sessions, allowing for immersive experiences without any discomfort.

What is the range of a Bluetooth Headphone?

Modern Bluetooth headphones boast cutting-edge technology, delivering exceptional sound quality and advanced features. With a remarkable operational range of 30 to 40 feet, these headphones offer seamless connectivity and freedom of movement. Their audio performance is truly impressive, ensuring an immersive listening experience across various genres. Additionally, they come equipped with built-in microphones, facilitating clear and crisp communication during calls. This ensures that both parties can communicate effectively, with the person on the other end hearing everything clearly.

Price of a Bluetooth Headphone in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Bluetooth headphones are available at a wide range of prices, starting from 250 Taka and going up to over 6000 Taka. These headphones feature the latest Bluetooth technology, ensuring reliable connectivity over longer distances. With a battery capacity of up to 50 mAh, they offer extended usage time, typically lasting for 6 hours or more on a single charge. There's a variety of Bluetooth headphone types to choose from, catering to different preferences and budgets. Mini Bluetooth headphones, although affordable, may lack durability and have limited battery life compared to higher-end models. However, considering their low price point, they still offer decent value. The price of Bluetooth headphones in Bangladesh is influenced by factors such as sound quality, brand reputation, design, and inclusion of modern features and technologies. Consumers can select headphones that best suit their needs and budget, whether they prioritize affordability, durability, or advanced functionalities. For better quality, you can buy the Corsair HS70 Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth, AULA F608 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset, etc.  

Advantages of Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones offer several advantages over traditional wired headphones:

  • Wireless Convenience: Bluetooth headphones eliminate the hassle of tangled wires, providing freedom of movement while listening to music or taking calls.
  • Mobility: With no cords to tether you to your device, Bluetooth headphones enable users to move around more freely, whether commuting, working out, or simply relaxing at home
  • Compatibility: Bluetooth technology is widely supported across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs, allowing for seamless connectivity without the need for additional adapters or cables.
  • Hands-Free Calling: Many Bluetooth headphones feature built-in microphones, enabling hands-free calling for added convenience and safety while on the go.
  • Versatility: Bluetooth headphones come in various styles and designs to suit different preferences and activities, including earbuds, on-ear, and over-ear options, as well as specialized models for gaming and sports.
  • Noise Cancellation: Some Bluetooth headphones offer active noise cancellation technology, which reduces ambient noise for a more immersive and focused listening experience, ideal for noisy environments or during travel.
  • Long Battery Life: Many Bluetooth headphones come with long-lasting battery life, providing hours of continuous playback on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout the day.
  • Easy Connectivity: Pairing Bluetooth headphones with compatible devices is typically straightforward and quick, requiring minimal setup or configuration.

What should to look for before buying a Bluetooth Headphone?

Before purchasing Bluetooth headphones, consider the following factors to ensure you make the right choice:

  • Sound Quality: Look for headphones with high-quality audio output, including clear highs, detailed mids, and impactful bass. Consider reading reviews or testing the headphones if possible to assess sound performance.
  • Comfort and Fit: Ensure that the headphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods, with cushioned ear cups or ear tips that fit securely without causing discomfort. Adjustable headbands and earcup rotation can also contribute to a better fit.
  • Battery Life: Check the battery life specifications to ensure it meets your usage needs. Longer battery life is preferable, especially for those who use headphones extensively throughout the day.
  • Bluetooth Range: Consider the Bluetooth range of the headphones, which indicates the distance over which they can maintain a stable connection with the paired device. A longer range provides more flexibility in movement.
  • Noise Cancellation: If you require noise cancellation, consider headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which can significantly reduce ambient noise for a more immersive listening experience.
  • Controls and Features: Evaluate the ease of use of the headphone controls, including volume adjustment, track navigation, and call management. Some headphones also offer additional features such as voice assistants, touch controls, or customizable EQ settings.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Look for headphones made from durable materials that can withstand daily use and occasional drops or impacts. Water and sweat resistance may also be important, especially for sports or outdoor activities.
  • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research the reputation of the headphone manufacturer and read reviews from other users to gauge overall satisfaction and reliability.

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