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Mumre Wrangler K100 Blue Switch Rainbow RGB Mechanical Keyboard
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Mumre Wrangler K100 Blue Switch Rainbow RGB Mechanical KeyboardMumre Wrangler K100 Rainbow RGB Mechanical Keyboard comes with Blue Switch. The Mumre Wrangler K100 keyboard featured with a simple 104-key standard layout, and a full-key conflict-free design.In this keyboard, the surface is densely covered with particles, uniform and delicate, and has a matte-like smoothness.This keyboard will respond to triggers instantly at the same time, preventing key conflicts, No matter how many keys are pressed at the same time and also feeling the thrill of smooth gaming. Here Using a durable mechanical axis, a single button life of up to 50 million times, 2mm trigger stroke, 50g trigger pressure, that make your keyboard durable and also it featured with 1000 times per second return rate, real-time fast response. In this mechanical keyboard, Two-color injection-transmitting keycaps are used. Among them, the biggest advantage of two-color ABS transparent keycaps is that the characters are resistant to wear. Here, the keycaps will not be coated with the past Like keycaps, light leakage occurs after long-term wear and tear.In this Mumre Wrangler K100 keyboard, here uses a 1.5mm-thick high-density aluminum alloy panel. That take this keyboard in professional level, and it also has the sturdiness and body stability required for long-term gaming experience. The latest Mumre Wrangler K100 Blue Switch Rainbow RGB Mechanical Keyboard has 06 months limited warranty...
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