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Apollo 650VA Offline UPS
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Apollo 650VA Offline UPSModel: Apollo 650VAType:   OfflineInput voltage: 240VFrequency:   60HzTransfer rate:   2msStabilizer:   Built-in ..
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APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS
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APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS The APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS sounds like a good option for basic protection against power outages for your electronics in Bangladesh. APOLLO 1120F 1200VA Offline UPS is a budget-friendly option for protecting your electronics from short power outages and voltage fluctuations in Bangladesh. If you need longer backup power or require uninterrupted power for critical equipment, explore UPS options with higher battery capacity or different UPS types. Key Features:Capacity: 1200VA: This is suitable for powering low to moderate wattage devices like computers, monitors, printers, or routers.Battery: Double 12V 7Ah batteries: These will provide backup power during short outages. The runtime will depend on the load connected (higher wattage devices will drain the battery faster).Input and Output: Wide input voltage range: Accommodates voltage fluctuations without switching to battery power.240V output voltage: Standard output voltage for Bangladesh.60Hz frequency: Matches the standard electrical frequency in Bangladesh.Performance:2ms transfer rate: This is a fast transfer time, minimizing the interruption to your devices during a power outage.Built-in stabilizer: Helps regulate voltage fluctuations even during normal power supply.Other:Lightweight (4Kg): Easy to move and install.1-year warranty: Provides basic coverage for the device.Things to Consider:Runtime: This information isn't specified, but with a 7Ah battery, expect runtime to be limited (likely around 10-30 minutes depending on the load). If you need longer backup power, consider a UPS with a larger battery capacity.Offline UPS: This type of UPS provides the most basic level of protection. During a power outage, there's a slight delay (2ms in this case) before the battery kicks in. For sensitive electronics or applications requiring continuous power, consider a Line-Interactive UPS or Online UPS which offer faster switching and sometimes smoother power regulation. ..
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Ex Tax:6,600৳
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Apollo 650VA Offline UPS 3,300৳
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