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KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS
Save: 500৳
KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS Price in BDKSTAR 650VA Offline UPS is Now available at the best price in BD. If you are looking for a UPS at a low price in Bangladesh then Potaka IT is here to assist. Feel free to contact us for the KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS Discount price in BD.The KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS is designed with a 230V Input Voltage and a 230 (+/-10%) Output Voltage, operating at a frequency of 50 Hz. Featuring a Typical Transfer Rate of 4-8ms (with a maximum of 13ms) and equipped with a 24V Battery weighing 7.5 kg, this offline UPS ensures efficient power management. With intelligent battery discharging and charging capabilities, as well as Overload Protection, it serves as a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Additionally, it is compatible with generators, adding to its versatility...
3,100৳ 3,600৳
Ex Tax:3,100৳
KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS
Save: 500৳
KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS Price in BangladeshKSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS is Now available at the best price in BD. If you are looking for an Offline UPS at a low price in Bangladesh then PotakaIT is here to assist. Feel free to contact us for the KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS Discount price in BD.The KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS serves as a reliable safeguard for your electrical devices during power disruptions or fluctuations. As an offline UPS, it seamlessly transitions to battery mode when the primary power source experiences a loss or falls below a specific threshold. With a 1500VA rating, it signifies the maximum power capacity the UPS can deliver, accompanied by a load capability of 900 watts, empowering it to support devices with up to 900 watts of power consumption.Featuring an input voltage range of 140–300V and an output voltage range of 230V, the KSTAR UPS is compatible with a wide range of electrical equipment. Its frequency range of 50Hz to 60Hz allows flexibility in adapting to different power sources and locations. With an average transfer rate of 4–8 milliseconds, the UPS swiftly shifts from main power to battery mode, preventing data loss or device damage during power outages or surges.The UPS offers a backup period of 7–20 minutes, contingent on the load, ensuring ample time to save your work or safely shut down devices before the battery depletes. Equipped with a 1-meter cable, it facilitates easy connection to devices and power outlets. The lightweight and durable plastic body, with dimensions of 380 x 158 x 198mm, enhances portability and storage convenience. In summary, the KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS with Plastic Body stands as a trustworthy and efficient solution for backup power and protection for your electrical equipment...
9,000৳ 9,500৳
Ex Tax:9,000৳
Save: 800৳
More about KSTAR 1200VA OFFLINE UPS in BangladeshKSTAR 1200VA Offline UPS is built-in 230V Input Voltage, 230 (+/-10%) Output voltage with 50 Hz frequency. KSTAR 1200VA Offline UPS, has a Typical 4-8ms, 13ms max Transfer Rate, 24V Battery with 7.5 weight. It is intelligent battery discharging/ Charging management, Overload Protection, Uninterruptible Power Supply, and Compatible with Generators. This LED Indicators offline UPS provides..
6,200৳ 7,000৳
Ex Tax:6,200৳
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KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS 3,100৳
KSTAR 1500VA Offline UPS 9,000৳