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MaxGreen MG-LI-REP-1200VA Offline UPS (Plastic body)
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MaxGreen MG-LI-REP-1200VA Offline UPS (Plastic body)MaxGreen MG-LI-REP-1200VA Offline UPS is an electrical device with a capacity of 1200 VA that provides emergency power backup with the help of batteries when the input power source fails. This uninterruptible power supply unit has 195VAC-255VAC voltage, which is enough to start a standby power source or shut down necessary equipment for saving from the damage. This device contains 12V / 7.5Ah X 2 battery that provides surge protection and power backup while incoming voltage falls. This internal storage battery ensures the power that goes below or rises above a certain level through internal DC-AC inverter.Use high-quality UPS to protect your computers, servers, telecommunication equipment, or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption, or data loss. Have optimum power backup for home & business at the best price in Bangladesh from Online and Offline Store. Shop online from our official website to get home delivery free all over the Bangladesh. This MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP-1200VA Offline UPS has 01 year of warranty...
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MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2000VA Offline UPS (Metal Body, 4 unit 9 amp Battery)
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MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2000VA Metal Boldy Offline UPS The MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2000VA Offline UPS is a reliable power backup solution equipped with advanced features to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. With its 4 x 7AH batteries, it provides a backup time of up to 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the load requirements. The UPS has a capacity of 2000VA, making it suitable for various applications.One notable feature of the MaxGreen UPS is its wide input voltage range of 140-290 Vac, allowing it to handle fluctuations in the mains power supply effectively. It also possesses a cold start capability, enabling it to start up even when there is no utility power available. The intelligent battery management system ensures efficient battery usage and extends battery life.The UPS incorporates high-quality protection mechanisms, including high/low voltage protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection. These safeguards shield your connected devices from potential damage caused by electrical irregularities. Additionally, it meets the EN 62040-1-1: 2003 standard, ensuring compliance with safety and performance requirements.Convenience is a key aspect of the MaxGreen UPS. It comes with three rear output sockets that are compatible with a wide range of plugs, eliminating the need for additional multi-plug adapters. The unit's sound level is kept low, emitting less than 40dB of noise at a distance of 1 meter, ensuring a peaceful working environment.The UPS features an RS232 and USB port cable, enabling easy connectivity and communication with compatible devices. The optional UPS monitoring software provides enhanced monitoring and control capabilities for a more comprehensive power management experience.When it comes to recharging the batteries, the MaxGreen UPS excels with a recharge time of less than 12 hours. This ensures that the unit is ready to provide backup power in a relatively short period.To ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, the MaxGreen MG-LI-REM-2000VA Offline UPS is backed by a 1-year warranty, offering support and protection against any potential defects or malfunctions...
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MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP-650VA Offline UPS
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MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP-650VA Offline UPSMaxGreen MG-LI-EAP-650VA Offline UPS comes with 220Vac Input Voltage, 140-290VAC Input Voltage Range, 50 Hz Frequency, 220Vac Output Voltage. This offline UPS, It also features with ±10% (Bat Mode) AC Voltage Regulation, 50Hz ± 1Hz (Bat Mode) Frequency Range, 2-6ms Transfer time Typical that provides you good performance. The MaxGreen MG-LI-EAP-650VA Offline UPS also has Waveform Simulated Sine Wave (Bat Mode), Battery Internal maintenance-free lead-acid (Battery Type & Number 12V/9Ah*1). This UPS provides 4-6 hours recover time to 90% capacity, Full protection Short circuit, Overload, Battery discharge and overcharge, Surge protection. This UPS also has Humidity 0-90% Relative Humidity 0-40 ℃ (Non-condensing) and Noise Level Less than 40dB...
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MaxGreen 850VA Offline UPS
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MaxGreen 850VA Offline UPSMaxGreen MGBK850-LI UPS Capacity 850VA/480W. Input Voltage 220Vac. Input Voltage Range 140-290VAC. Frequency Range 50 Hz. Output Voltage 220Vac. AC Voltage Regulation ±10% (Bat Mode).Frequency Range 50Hz ± 1Hz (Bat Mode). Transfer Time Typical 2-6ms. Waveform Simulated Sine Wave (Bat Mode).Battery Internal Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid. Battery Type & Number 12V/9Ah*1. Net Weight (Kg) 4.2 4.6. Dimension,D*W*H(Mm) 297X101X142. Typical Recharge Time 4-6 Hours Recover To 90% Capacity. Full Protection Short Circuit, Overload, Battery Discharge And Overcharge, Surge Protection. Humidity 0-90% Relative Humidity 0-40 ℃ (Non-Condensing). Noise Level Less Than 40dB. Optional USB/RS232 Port Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008,Windows 7/8 Linux Unix And MAC...
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