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Power Pac 1200VA Offline UPS
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Power Pac 1200VA Offline UPSVoltage (on battery) Simulated undulation at 100V / 220V / 240V +/- 8 May 1945 --- AVE management with PWMFrequency (on battery) fifty or 60Hz +/- 1Hz Transfer Time four microseconds (Typical)Input Voltage (single part + N) 100V / 110V +/-20%, 120V -20%, +15% 220V / 230V / 240V, 160V ~ 270V at line input Overload Protection UPS automatic closure if overload exceeds 110% at ten seconds, a hundred and thirtieth at three seconds Short Circuit UPS output interrupt at once Spike Protection 460 Joules, (8/20?s)Battery kind Sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteriesTypical Recharge Time (to ninetieth of full capacity) vi HoursBack-up Time ( laptop with 15?? monitor) Full Load half-hour, Half Load forty minutes protection Automatic self-test, Over-discharge protection, tangency protection by Usenet Weight weight unit eight.7 kg AC traditional Indicator inexperienced Battery Charging AMBER Back-Up Indicator REDAmbient Operation three,500 meters gamma-hydroxybutyrate. elevation, 0-95% humidness..
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Power Pac 650VA Offline UPS
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Power Pac 650VA Offline UPSPower Pac 650VA Offline UPS is built in 160V - 270V Input Voltage, 230V +-1% Output voltage, 50Hz +-5% Frequency with <2ms Transfer Rate. This UPS has 1 pcs, 12V, 8.2Ah Battery. In this UPS, The Load Capacity is 450W, Phase is Single phase +-N, Technology is Double Conversation, Wave Form (Inverter) is True Sine Wave, Lighting Protection, Transients, Spike, Surge, Sag, Blackout, Brownout, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Load, Short circuit, Battery ov. This offline UPS provides...
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