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Rongta RPP300BU 80mm Thermal POS PrinterRongta RPP300BU 80mm Thermal POS Printer is a Mini-sized Thermal POS Printer. It has double injection molding and rubber protection around making it durable enough for anti-dropping. It also has a Non-slip design with salient points on the rubber of the two sides. This POS printer has an exclusive power indication light. It supports a USB power adapter or power bank charging during the standby mode to save power. It is featured 250mm/s high-speed printing, is easy to maintain, improves work efficiency, has Low noise, high-speed image and characters printing, Easy paper loading, with auto cutter, partial/full cut optional, and Flexible installation on countertop or wall using optional bracket and support paper out alarm and print prompt. This Pos printer comes with Flexible installation on the countertop or wall using an optional bracket, Parallel, serial, USB, and Ethernet interfaces, and is Compatible with ESC/POS systems. This mobile printer can be used directly from the phone With a Provided SDK for IOS and Android. It has a Print Speed of 75 mm/sec and the Print Width is 80mm. With a Print Resolution of 8 dot/mm or 203 DPI, this POS printer has Built-in USB, LAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth as connectivity Interface...
Ex Tax:7,900৳
Rongta RP58E POS Thermal Receipt PrinterRongta RP58E 58mm POS Thermal Receipt Printer is built in USB, Serial, Parallel interface and 8 dots/mm Print Resolution. In this thermal printer it has 100mm/sec print speed, 48mm Print Width, 58mm Paper width. The Print Resolution is 203 dpi it means it can print 8 dots/mm. This Rongta RP58E  printer barcode type is 125, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codebar, Code39, Code93, Code128, Code11, MSI, Power Supply: 9V, 3A with using Direct Thermal Printing. Thermal paper is compatible with this thermal printer. ..
Ex Tax:4,500৳
Rongta RP330-USE Thermal Pos Printer This Rongta RP330-USE Thermal Pos Printer features a small size, lightweight, simple connection, easy operation and maintenance, and reliable performance. This Thermal Receipt Printer offers 250mm/s printing speed. Simple and elegant printer. 1. Fashion appearance, easy to use 2. High printing speed 250mm/s, low noise 3. Optional auto cutter(partial/full) 4. Desktop or wall-hanging Print Printing method Direct thermal printing Effective printing width.250mm/s high speed printing, easy to maintain, improve work efficiencyLow noise, high speed image & characters printingEasy paper loading, with auto cutter, partial/full cut optionalFlexible installation on countertop or wall using optional bracketSupport paper out alarm and print prompt..
Ex Tax:8,500৳
Gprinter GP-9025T Thermal Transfer Printer
Save: 1000৳
Gprinter GP-9025T Thermal Transfer Printer Price In BDIntroducing a compact and versatile printing solution designed to meet your diverse needs – the device boasts dimensions of 290195180mm (LWH), ensuring a sleek and space-saving footprint in any setting. Equipped with both USB and Bluetooth interfaces, this printer offers seamless connectivity options to suit various devices and applications.When it comes to paper handling, the device supports a wide range of sizes, ranging from 20mm to 98mm. It accommodates various paper types, including continuous, gap, folding, black label, and heat transfer paper, providing flexibility for different printing requirements.Efficiency is a key highlight of this printer, with a commendable print speed ranging from 2 to 6 inches per second. Whether you are printing labels, receipts, or other documents, this device ensures swift and reliable performance, enhancing your overall productivity.Despite its powerful capabilities, the printer remains lightweight at 2.01kg, making it portable and easy to relocate as needed. The inclusion of a 1-year warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that you can confidently rely on this device for your printing tasks with the added assurance of support and service.In conclusion, this printer combines compact design, versatile paper handling, efficient printing features, and a reliable warranty to deliver a well-rounded solution for your printing needs. Whether in a professional office setting or a dynamic on-the-go environment, this device is poised to become your trusted printing companion...
22,000৳ 23,000৳
Ex Tax:22,000৳
Rongta RP850-USE Receipt Printer In BangladeshRongta RP850 80mm Thermal Receipt POS Printer is comes with 300mm/s PPM Black Speed, 8 dots/mm, 576 dots/line Print Resolution, RS-232, Parallel, USB, Ethernet Interface. This POS printer is also supports Windows2000/XP/7/VISTA operating system. This Thermal Line printer also provides 300mm/s Printing Speed, 384 dots/line or 576 dots/line Printing density, 6 million lines MCBF, 100 million impulses (100km) Thermal printing head, 2 million cuts Auto cutter. This printer require DC 24V,2.5A Power supply, DC 24V, 1A Cash drawer Control. By using this POS printer, you can enjoy Order alarm with color light and also Adopt alloy in inner important part with Easy paper loading,improve working efficiency with auto cutter. This stylish POS Printer also support USB,Parallel interfaces(Have other interface optional). XBLH is cost effective, energy-efficient thermal printer is ideal for low-volume retailers, food service and virtual terminal applications. It combines basic POS printing functionality with high reliability and ease-of-use features with Internal important parts are with metal material, Easy paper loading, with auto cutter, full cut/partial cut optional, Paper end sensor, paper near end sensor (for flat) with Simple and elegant, with high optical mirror and sticks appearance. The RP850 Thermal Receipt comes with 01 year of warranty.Rongta RP850-USE Receipt Printer Features:Senior Mould made by Germany imported material;Excellent detail processingSolid metal hinges for durabilityExquisite indicator lampWall-hangings(included)High printing speed up to 300mm/s..
Ex Tax:10,500৳
Rongta RP850-USE 300mm/s Thermal Receipt Printer
Save: 760৳
Rongta RP850-USE 300mm/s Thermal Receipt Printer Price In BDThe Rongta RP850 is an advanced 80mm Thermal Receipt POS Printer designed for efficient and reliable performance in various retail and virtual terminal applications. Boasting a remarkable 300mm/s PPM black speed and 8 dots/mm, this printer ensures swift and high-quality printing.Featuring versatile connectivity options such as RS-232, Parallel, USB, and Ethernet interfaces, the RP850 supports seamless integration with different systems, including Windows 2000/XP/7/VISTA operating systems. The thermal line printer offers a print resolution of 576 dots/line and 300mm/s printing speed, making it an ideal choice for low-volume retailers and food service establishments.With a durable design, the printer's internal components are crafted from alloy, enhancing its overall reliability. The auto cutter, with 2 million cuts lifespan, contributes to improved efficiency. The printer operates with a DC 24V, 2.5A power supply and features DC 24V, 1A cash drawer control.The RP850 comes equipped with an array of features, including order alarm with color light, easy paper loading, and an auto cutter with options for full cut or partial cut. The printer also incorporates a paper end sensor and a paper near-end sensor for flat paper. The metal material in crucial parts ensures durability, while the sleek design with high optical mirror and sticks appearance adds a touch of elegance.Additionally, the printer supports USB and Parallel interfaces, with other interface options available. The XBLH model stands out as a cost-effective and energy-efficient thermal printer, addressing the needs of businesses requiring basic POS printing functionality coupled with reliability.The RP850 Thermal Receipt Printer is backed by a 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind for users. Upgrade your printing experience with this stylish and feature-rich POS printer that combines functionality, durability, and ease of use...
11,500৳ 12,260৳
Ex Tax:11,500৳
Rongta RP80VI Thermal Label Barcode Printer Features6 inch/sec high printing speedSupport various label printing softwareLabel paper automatic positioning, automatic stripping, paper detectionUsing thermal paper, thermal label paper, or adhesive thermal paperLabel paper automatic checking function, adaptive temperature control1 Year Of Warranty...
Ex Tax:12,500৳
Rongta RP335 Thermal POS Printer
Save: 700৳
Rongta RP335 Thermal POS Printer Price In BDThe Rongta RP335 Thermal POS Printer stands out as a versatile and high-performance printing solution tailored for Point of Sale (POS) applications. Boasting a crisp print resolution of 203dpi, it excels in delivering sharp and clear output, particularly ideal for transaction receipts and various business documents. The RP335 seamlessly integrates modern printing technologies, including the UE-Version and the Thermal Line Method, ensuring accurate and efficient printing results. With an impressive printing speed of 250mm/s, this printer excels in rapid output, significantly enhancing the efficiency of POS operations across diverse sectors. Its connectivity options, such as USB and LAN, provide a hassle-free integration with a wide array of systems and devices. Whether in retail, hospitality, or other POS scenarios, the Rongta RP335 Thermal POS Printer emerges as an invaluable tool for organizations prioritizing efficient and high-quality transactional printing...
6,400৳ 7,100৳
Ex Tax:6,400৳
Rongta RP328-USE Thermal Receipt PrinterRongta RP328-USE Printer Is the Best Printer From Rongta. Rongta RP328-USE  Printer is a built-in USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet interface with 203dpi Print resolution, 250mm/sec printing speed, 72mm Print Width. This printer is compatible with XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS, Linux, ios, Android operating systems. Its Paper capacity is 80mm with a wall mount function. The Special features of this Rongta RP328-USE printer Character per Line: 48-font A/64-font B, Paper Supply Method: Drop-in paper load, MCBF: 60 million lines, Auto Cutter: 1 million cuts, TPH: 100km, Barcodes: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE39, ITF, CODEBAR, CODE93, CODE128, Emulation: ESC/POS, Sensor: Paper End Sensor, Paper Near End Sensor (Optional), Auto cutter Type: straight knife, Auto cutter Life: 1,000,000 cuts, Network: Wire: TCP/IP Ethernet interface (10M/100M), Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n, BT4.0 double mould, Working temperature: -20 degree C-70 degree C, Working humidity: 0 degree C-40 degree C, Storing temperature: 5%-95%, Storing humidity: 20%-85%.Rongta RP328-USE Printer FeaturesHigh printing speed 250mm/sCompatible for 80mm and 58mm thermal paper rollWall mount functionStraight knife auto cutterLarge storage (paper mode)Delicate and compact appearance..
Ex Tax:7,800৳
Rongta RP328-BU Thermal POS Receipt Printer (USB, Bluetooth)
Save: 610৳
Features of Rongta RP328-BU POS/Dotmatrix Printer In BangladeshThe Rongta RP328-BU Thermal POS Receipt Printer is a compact and efficient printing solution designed for various point-of-sale applications. With dimensions measuring 198 x 130 x 140mm, this printer boasts a sleek and space-saving design suitable for different retail environments.Equipped with thermal paper handling capabilities, the RP328-BU ensures quick and hassle-free printing. It supports both 72mm and 48mm print widths, allowing flexibility in receipt formatting. The printing speed of 250 mm/sec ensures rapid transaction processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency.The printer offers versatile connectivity options with USB and Bluetooth interfaces, catering to diverse connectivity needs in modern retail setups. This makes it compatible with a range of devices and systems, providing seamless integration into your POS infrastructure.Featuring a resolution of 203 dpi, the RP328-BU delivers clear and crisp prints, ensuring legibility of text and barcodes. It supports various barcode formats, including UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE39, ITF, CODEBAR, CODE93, and CODE128, making it suitable for a wide range of retail applications.The drop-in paper load mechanism simplifies paper replenishment, enhancing user convenience. With a robust build quality, the printer boasts an impressive Mean Cycle Between Failures (MCBF) of 60 million lines, ensuring long-lasting reliability in demanding retail environments. The straight knife auto cutter has a life of 1,000,000 cuts, further contributing to the printer's durability.The RP328-BU incorporates sensors for Paper End and Paper Near End, providing timely alerts for efficient paper management. The printer operates with ESC/POS emulation, a widely recognized standard in the POS industry.Available in a sleek black color, the Rongta RP328-BU Thermal POS Receipt Printer not only delivers high-performance printing but also adds a touch of modern aesthetics to your point-of-sale setup. Additionally, Rongta offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty for this printer (excluding the adapter), providing assurance of its quality and durability...
8,400৳ 9,010৳
Ex Tax:8,400৳
G-Printer GP-D802 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Save: 300৳
G-Printer GP-D802 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer Price In BDExperience a revolutionary printing solution with the G-Printer GP-D802, an exceptional 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer designed for maximum performance. More than just a device, it offers a complete solution with a flexible interface, including USB and LAN/Ethernet connectivity, ensuring seamless integration into a variety of systems for diverse applications. Stand out features include QR Code and PDF417 printing support, allowing for the creation of dynamic and information-rich receipts—an ideal choice for enterprises requiring advanced data encoding and retrieval capabilities.The GP-D802 goes beyond conventional thermal receipt printers by offering wall-mount capability, enhancing its physical design and adaptability. It embraces a wide array of configurations and interfaces, catering to the evolving needs of modern enterprises. From Bluetooth to Bluetooth audio, Wi-Fi, and even human voice support, this printer ensures interoperability with a diverse range of devices and applications.In the realm of linguistic versatility, the GP-D802 stands out by supporting various typefaces, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. This makes it a versatile choice for enterprises serving a broad audience. Whether you seek enhanced connectivity, linguistic variety, or a space-saving design, the G-Printer GP-D802 excels on all fronts, making it the preferred solution for organizations aiming to optimize efficiency and cost savings...
12,000৳ 12,300৳
Ex Tax:12,000৳
G-Printer GP-C80180II 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Save: 750৳
G-Printer GP-C80180II 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer Price in BDThe G-Printer GP-C80180II stands out as an 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer that seamlessly blends efficiency with elegance, promising an elevated printing experience. Despite its compact dimensions at 184 x 143 x 133, this printer packs a robust punch. Tailored for roll thermal paper, it ensures uninterrupted operation, minimizing disruptions to your business. Harnessing the advantages of thermal printing technology, it delivers not only swift outputs but also maintains high print quality. Boasting flexibility, the printer accommodates an 80mm paper width, catering to a variety of applications. Connectivity is a breeze with USB and LAN/network interfaces, offering adaptability to different system configurations. Whether you require a direct USB connection or a networked option, the GP-C80180II has you covered. Thriving in dynamic work environments, it operates in a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of 30% to 90% non-condensing. Its storage adaptability ranges from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels from 20% to 93% non-condensing, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. More than just a printer, the G-Printer GP-C80180II emerges as a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of various printing applications. In a bustling retail atmosphere or a refined office setting, this thermal receipt printer stands as a testament to precision, connectivity, and versatility...
7,500৳ 8,250৳
Ex Tax:7,500৳
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Latest POS Printer Office Equipments Price List in BD 2024

View today Last Updated Prices of POS Printer Office Equipments in Bangladesh. Last Updated Date 06/12/2024

POS Printer Office Equipments List Price in BD
Gprinter GP-9025T Thermal Transfer Printer 22,000৳
Rongta RP850-USE 300mm/s Thermal Receipt Printer 11,500৳
Rongta RP335 Thermal POS Printer 6,400৳
Rongta RP328-BU Thermal POS Receipt Printer (USB, Bluetooth) 8,400৳
G-Printer GP-D802 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 12,000৳
G-Printer GP-C80180II 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer 7,500৳

POS Printer best price in Bangladesh

A POS printer is a commercial printer installed at the point of sale to print receipts, labels and any other documents that a customer may request during their transaction. There are many benefits for retailers that install POS printers including increased customer service efficiency and accuracy. It is a device that prints receipts and other documents. A POS printer can be a standalone device or it can be connected to a computer. Choosing the right type of printer for your needs is important. There are different types of printers that you can use in your business. The most popular types of printers include inkjet, laser and thermal - but there are others such as dot matrix, label printers and receipt printers.

Three types of POS printers

Thermal printer: Receipts are printed by direct contact between a thermal head and thermal paper using heat. Therefore, no ink is required. This type of printer prints quickly and quietly, as well as maintains a high quality of receipts.

Inkjet printers: They use heads that place small droplets of ink on the receipt paper, which ensures high print quality with color. However, refilling ink cartridges can be expensive, so many businesses don't choose this type of receipt printer.

Impact printer (dot matrix Printer): This type of printer is cheaper than the first two in terms of cost and other operating fees (such as replacement of materials). Impact printers use small pins and an ink ribbon to create a series of dots that form characters on the receipt. The colors used are often black and red. They are specially made for restaurants because of their heat tolerance.

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