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Thermal Paste

Thermalright TF9 2.9g Thermal Paste
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Thermalright TF9 2.9g Thermal PasteSpecifications:Thermal Conductivity(W / m-k):14Color:GrayThermal lmpedance (℃-cm2/W):<0.01Specific Gravity(25℃):2.9Useable Temperature Range:-220℃ / 380℃Content:2.9gElectrically Conductive:NOHarmless:YES..
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Thermalright TF7 2g Thermal Paste
Save: 150৳
Thermalright TF7 2g Thermal PasteThermal Conductivity(W / m-k):12.8Color:GrayThermal Impedance (℃-cm2/W):<0.01Specific Gravity(25℃):2.8Useable Temperature Range:-150℃ / 250℃Content:2gElectrically Conductive:NOHarmless:YES..
800৳ 950৳
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Noctua NT-H2 3.5g Pro-Grade Thermal Compound Paste
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Key Features of this Noctua NT-H2 3.5g Pro-Grade Thermal Compound PastePremium-grade thermal compound for optimal heat-transfer from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink; second generation of Noctua’s award-winning NT-H1Easy to apply (no need to spread before heatsink installation) and easy to clean with supplied NA-CW1 cleaning wipesNot electrically conductive and non-corroding thermal grease: no risk of short-circuits and safe to use with all types of heatsinksTrusted Noctua quality with excellent long-term stability: recommended storage time up to 3 years, recommended usage time on the CPU up to 5 years3.5g pack for around 3-20 applications (depending on CPU size, e.g. ~3 applications for TR4, ~20 for LGA1151); includes 3 NA-CW1 cleaning wipesNT-H2 is the further improved second generation of Noctua’s award-winning hybrid thermal compound. Combining the iconic NT-H1’s proven features, superb ease of use and renowned long-term stability with a novel, fine-tuned formula of micro particles for even better thermal performance, NT-H2 is an enthusiast-grade paste for the highest demands. Whether it’s air- or water-based cooling, CPU or GPU applications, overclocking or silent systems: NT-H2 will consistently deliver outstanding results and thanks to the included cleaning wipes, it is just as easy to remove as to apply...
Ex Tax:1,050৳
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Thermal paste (also called thermal compound, thermal grease, thermal interface material (TIM), thermal gel, heat paste, heat sink compound, heat sink paste, or CPU grease) is a thermally conductive (but usually electrically insulating) chemical compound, which is commonly used as an interface between heat sinks and heat sources such as high-power semiconductor devices. The main role of thermal paste is to eliminate air gaps or spaces (which act as thermal insulation) from the interface area in order to maximize heat transfer and dissipation. Thermal paste is an example of thermal interface material.

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