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Gamdias HERMES E2 7 Color Backlit Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Save: 310৳
Gamdias HERMES E2 7 Color Backlit Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming KeyboardThe Gamdias HERMES E2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a compact powerhouse designed to deliver impactful gaming experiences. Boasting 87 keys, this keyboard packs a punch with its seven-color backlights and anti-ghosting capability, ensuring seamless and precise input even in the heat of battle. The robust mechanical switches are built to last, offering a 50 million click life cycle, guaranteeing the reliability needed for marathon gaming sessions. With textured and contoured keycaps designed for enhanced grip and tactile feedback, the HERMES E2 strikes the perfect balance between practicality and captivating luminance, making it an indispensable tool for dominating virtual worlds...
2,090৳ 2,400৳
Ex Tax:2,090৳
Gamdias AURA GK1 Multicolor Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
Save: 200৳
Gamdias AURA GK1 Multicolor Gaming Mechanical KeyboardThe Gamdias AURA GK1 Multicolor Gaming Mechanical Keyboard delivers an exceptional typing experience, thanks to its mechanical switches, particularly the Red switches renowned for their longevity with a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. Balancing stability and compactness, it boasts dimensions of 370 x 140 x 30 mm and a weight of 930g. The 1.5-meter cable offers ample flexibility for configuration, while the inclusion of multimedia keys enhances convenience and productivity. With three brightness levels and a vibrant multi-color backlighting system, users can effortlessly customize their gaming setup to match their preferences. Further enhancing its versatility, the Gamdias AURA GK1 Mechanical Keyboard features 10 Fn + Function Key combinations for seamless access to multimedia functions. Designed with robust mechanical gaming switches capable of enduring up to 50 million key presses and delivering tactile feedback, this keyboard empowers users to dominate the battlefield with precision and reliability. Elevating gaming experiences with its dynamic backlighting options and intuitive hotkeys, the AURA GK1 ensures gamers stand out while achieving peak performance...
2,000৳ 2,200৳
Ex Tax:2,000৳
GAMDIAS HERMES M5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Save: 270৳
GAMDIAS HERMES M5 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardThe HERMES M5, a sleek and minimalist mechanical keyboard designed to elevate your gaming experience. With onboard memory and five profiles of customizable lighting effects, you can personalize your setup with ease. Illuminate your gaming arena with six dynamic lighting effects that are sure to captivate attention.Embrace simplicity with the HERMES M5's concise colorways, featuring keycaps in clear and fresh tones inspired by the Hygge décor design. Its minimalist aesthetic ensures a clean desktop setup while adding a refreshing touch to your gaming environment.Crafted with a durable aluminum bezel, the HERMES M5 boasts a stable front plate and a refined brushed metal finish. The rugged construction, textured with aesthetic veining, not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup.Powered by a cutting-edge 32-bit Arm Cortex Processor, the HERMES M5 RGB offers unrivaled performance with zero lag. With the ability to store up to five profiles directly on the keyboard, you can take your customized settings wherever your gaming journey leads. Dominate the battlefield with the HERMES M5 and experience gaming at its finest...
2,700৳ 2,970৳
Ex Tax:2,700৳
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GAMDIAS Keyboard List Price in BD
Gamdias HERMES E2 7 Color Backlit Blue Switch Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2,090৳
Gamdias AURA GK1 Multicolor Gaming Mechanical Keyboard 2,000৳
GAMDIAS HERMES M5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2,700৳